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Green Apple Marketing

Fresh Ideas [Desirable]Outcomes!

I set out to inspire and empower each and every brand that I work with by building collaborative relationships founded on trust, creativity with high impact and measurable results.

Winning Core Values

Green Apple Marketing, led by Karen Crozier, offers consulting and marketing services for b2b, b2c, start-ups, charities and causes.

I offer a solid network of long-standing deep relationships across many sectors and industries, a wealth of hands-on experience, with a proactive approach supported by strong leadership skills.

What i do

Deliver the [Desired Outcome]

Services market

My Approach Is Gold

A new product launch on a well-established world stage was strategic.
Awarded Gold by IIDEX Canada: Gold in Innovation, for recognition of a well-engineered product - monumental.

What i do

Delivering Excellent [Value] Through Unique Style of Delivery

sports marketing

My Approach Front & Centre

Motor-sports racing has been enjoyed by fans since the beginning of the automobile industry.

Bringing a national beloved steakhouse front & centre - in this case well done!

“If at first you don’t succeed, you are running at about average.”

— MH Alderson

What i do

[Delivering] 24/7 WOW

experiential marketing

Message Sent, Delivered & Received

Big, beautiful and highly memorable on all fronts. This 39' showstopper delivers and then some 24/7.

Interactive even when not activated to host a vast amount of live on-site events designed for interaction with brand fans and loyal listeners.

What i do

Naming & Bringing up Baby

target marketing

Reach, [Connect] Educate, Repeat

New service product with a great domain name!

A powerful free service to help policy holders self-educate on their policy asset value for better financial planning.

Hot demographic + important subject = educated consumers

What i do

lasting [ loyalty ] new audience

Strategic Partners
Leveraging Media
Turn Key Program

My work with Elvis Presley Enterprises producing live Elvis tribute contest and festivals has provided me with the opportunity to develop relationships with world-class performers and private collectors in possession of some of the rarest and highly sought-after memorabilia of the 20th century.  Many opportunities within this realm.

What i do

Youth [ culture ] new audience

Strategic Partners
Target Audience
Turn Key Program

Tommie Bonds became a fast friend when we first met in Memphis in 2006.  Tommie earned a Guinness World Record in Germany in 2007 for the “longest back-flip” after soaring 12.7 feet over the backs of seven (crouched) people. Following this feat, the crew was given a permanent local honour by way of their own brass note on Beale Street.

In 2009, members of the group wowed judges on America’s Got Talent, securing a place in the quarter-finals in Vegas. In 2010 the Flippers performed at the NBA All-Star game in Toronto, Canada. They continue to appear at countless basketball games, baseball stadiums, and other events, including a run with the Harlem Globetrotters and a trip to China.  

What i do

[ education ] Disease prevention


Kidney Health Is For Life™ is the education arm of KidneyAlert.ca and uses the approach to kidney disease prevention by targeting specific audiences with sharp eye catching imagery with simple clean copy with direction to visit website for information and further awareness.

New Solution [Hot] Demographics [forward] thinking

I am excited to be a part of a new financial service that will truly make a lasting difference in the lives of Canadians and Charities.

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What My [Clients] Say

Jim & Julie Roth -  Porous Pave Canada

owner / Distributor

Both Julie and I will never be able to thank you for all that you have done for our business. A Big Gold Thank you, Karen!

Mikayla Harris -  Beauty & Fragrances PGR

Senior Account mgr.

Karen never stops thinking!  She is fantastic at bringing the right partners to the table, leveraging to maximize stakeholders ROI and she delivers!

Jon Phillips Jr. -  Life Health Sciences LLC

general manager

I like Karen. I like how she works, her positivity, and her knowledge of marketing and business. When Karen says to you: "I got this," she does. We like working with her. She is smart, kind, resourceful and, we will work with her again. 

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