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Sad Fact: 1 in 10 Canadians [Have] Kidney Disease and Don't Even Know It.

Kidney Alert

I was introduced to kidney disease and its life-sustaining treatments when my dad, Douglas, ended up on kidney dialysis. Via that journey, it became clear to me that kidney disease for most is avoidable and, for those that do end up on treatments for sustaining life, it needs to be better - a whole lot better.

So I designed a website (KIDNEYALERT.ca), for the newest of newbies to learn and understand the importance of our kidneys, their function, how to prevent kidney disease and to support those living with chronic kidney disease and treatment. 

Both Kidney Alert and Kidney Health Is For Life™ are game-changers and will continue to grow in content and our mission will always be at the forefront of our work.

Easy to Understand

Kidney Alert website designed for the end-user: the kidney patient, family members, caregiver, written in clear, easy-to-read language.

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Easy to Follow

Learn - an introduction to kidney health and function and common causes. Explore - laboratory and diagnostic tests. Kids - newborns to youth and Life with KD - covers the reality of kidney disease, treatments, diet and lifestyle.

Developing Kidney Alert with the Future

Bioartificial Organ Manufacturing Technologies (creepy name) is how we will solve organ transplant shortages with artificial replacements. Kidney Alert is dedicated to helping in these advancements in the hopes of truly better lives for those with chronic kidney disease seeking a kidney transplant.

changing the trajectory of a generation

Teens at higher risk

For many teens, drug experimenting is part of growing up. One of the most dangerous drugs sold legally is what is called FAKE weed or SPICE.

Our Kidney Health Is For Life™ kids education model is to get the message out on FAKE weed and other drugs that can lead to irreparable kidney damage.

If we can save one young person from a life of health hardships, it is well worth it.

a fresh start for the next generation

Reaching the younger audience is key to preventing another generation from living with the impact of kidney disease.

Education through interaction play is one of the keys to reaching the young and having a positive lifetime effect in the promotion of living a healthy lifestyle.

helping today's cKD patients live better

calmness in reality

Dealing with a life of chronic kidney disease brings a host of new problems as renal bone disease. The goal of a visitor to Kidney Alert's website is to educate and bring forth a sense of calm with knowledge.

Life is not over with CKD, just different with its additional burdens. It is just another solid reason to help prevent another person from living with chronic kidney disease.

see the world

We want to see more dialysis patients sight-seeing and going on adventures within their health boundaries.

Kidney Alert is aligning ourselves to become the foremost leader in travelling & dialysis, and we are looking forward to future announcements and details early 2024.  Stay tuned!

making every day life a bit easier

Subscribers Receive Quality Content

Hard Chore Off The list

We have taken the everyday chore of grocery shopping for those requiring a kidney-friendly diet and made it into an easy-to-follow grocery list containing over 250 food items, including brand names we know and love.

Sample page

Making It Easier!  : )

We have the best in recipes to ease the chore of preparing food. Those with CKD and on treatments are well aware the price they pay for not following a kidney-friendly diet.

Other dietary needs include dialysis patients, chronic kidney disease non dialysis, diabetes and low protein.  

Always Moving Forward

Kidney Alert's mission is to be a beacon to those living with kidney disease and treatments and bring the utmost importance into our society of kidney health and disease prevention.

And to highlight the accomplishments of new advancements and facilitate more dialogues and open discussions on the impact that chronic kidney disease patients deal with every minute of their lives.

Praise and Testimonials

Karen is so dedicated to making the lives of us with kidney disease and on dialysis better. We know her passion, dedication to us and her smile!  

Robert Chang Dialysis Patient, Toronto

I'll tell you one thing for sure, Karen does have that ability to see things others don't. And if my daughter wants to make a change, she will, and it's best to let her get on with it; she will, anyway!

Doug Crozier  Dialysis Patient, Toronto

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Feel free to reach out and let me know your thoughts or any questions you may have.  I'd love to hear from you!